Jun 6, 2009

repost: american football bulges

american football players have hot gear... not the best for bulges, as many of them don't seem to wear cups, but hot nonetheless...

this player's showing a very nice bulge, and it doesn't look to be the result of a cup:
Football Bulge by boxjock78, on Flickr

hot shirtless side bulge going on during practice:
American Football Workout Shirtless by aelfrice, on Flickr

nice jockstrap lines visible:
Chargers jockstrap by boxjock78, on Flickr

very nice bulge and ass here, with the strap showing too!
FB 35 by dickgrayson66, on Flickr

nice bulge on the right, nice ass on the left:
Navy's bulges by boxjock78, on Flickr

this player certainly appears to be wearing a cup...
FB 27 by dickgrayson66, on Flickr

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